About us

BlueOptima is a world first in providing the objective metrics essential to manage successful software development.

The BlueOptima story

  • A revolutionary approach that solved what was considered unsolvable.

    The underlying principles in understanding how to measure developer Coding Effort began at Cambridge University in 2001.

  • From research to essential Enterprise solution.

    In 2009 BlueOptima was introduced as a SaaS service to shake up the global software industry with an algorithm that helps improve developer efficiency.

  • Honing an ever-growing dataset to propel global software development.

    BlueOptima provides the first-of-its-kind strategic benchmark to monitor software development productivity, quality and cost to understand global positioning.

  • Smarter and more streamlined global software development.

    The relative insight paints a complete picture of the value obtained from efficient software development, helping users realise up to 20% in cost savings whilst achieving digital goals.

The BlueOptima offices

  • London


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