BlueOptima: Reviews Of Our Software Development Metrics

Given the vast sums of money organisations invest in software development, the transparent insights BlueOptima provides into the effort that developers put into producing software releases is a profound breakthrough. 

Before BlueOptima, no reliable metrics were available for companies to assess work invested in software projects and estimating amounts of work required. This article provides insights into how BlueOptima delivers value for organisations’ software development teams and feedback from our clients.

Looking at BlueOptima developer analytics platform reviews

How Our Leading Software Development Metrics Deliver Value

BlueOptima’s Developer Analytics platform looks at the Coding Effort individuals and engineering teams contribute to software development projects, based on 36 static metrics. For an overview of BlueOptima and the solutions it provides to companies, please refer to this video

Industry leaders that have implemented BlueOptima’s SaaS analytics are leveraging the insights provided to derive dramatic software development cost-savings.
BlueOptima delivers a range of benefits throughout the software development process, from keeping project estimation and development on track, to vendor selection as well as skill improvement of software developers. Firstly, organisations that use our industry-leading KPIs can expect to achieve up to a 20% increase in development productivity within one year.

Moreover, companies should enjoy considerable cost-savings. Our list of clients include 9 of the world’s top global banks, and one alone identified $61m in savings in their software development operations. 

How BlueOptima Delivered Value For Clients

Companies that opt for BlueOptima’s service will receive our Developer Analytics platform, which objectively measures developers’ productivity and code quality. The platform also includes our powerful Global Benchmark tool. Below are examples of clients that have benefited from our service: 

This is the deepest insight we’ve ever had into the accuracy of offshore software development billing/costs. This gave us critical fact-based information when negotiating with vendors.”

IT Director – Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm

We now have an objective and consistent measure of where our people are devoting their effort. We’ve also learnt how and where impactful collaboration and knowledge share between experienced developers and new joiners can be, improving our time to productivity.”

Team Leader – FTSE 350 Travel & Leisure Company

Rapidly delivering value for our business is paramount for us. Now we can consistently and objectively demonstrate the velocity of our delivery

Software Development Manager – Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm

How To Learn More About BlueOptima

Interested in how BlueOptima’s technology can enhance your organisation’s software development performance? Simply send us a message and a member of our team will happily respond to your enquiry. To try our Developer Analytics platform, you can request for a demo here.   

We also provide regular updates over social media regarding our products and industry insights. Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn if you would like to be kept up to date about BlueOptima!