Global COVID Productivity Impact Report

The BlueOptima Global Productivity Report Report provides analysis regarding the performance of over 200,000 software developers across 30 countries. Ranging from Western Europe and the Americas to leading emerging markets like China and India. The data unearthed by BlueOptima’s research team is truly remarkable and provides invaluable insights for business leaders. Harness this data to prepare your software development estate. Just fill in the form to request for the latest version of this report. See how you can help your engineering teams code faster without sacrificing quality - both in and out of remote working environments.

BlueOptima Global Productivity Report

Did you know the Covid-19 pandemic caused global software development productivity to decline by 7.6% between March and July 2020? Request for the latest BlueOptima Global Productivity Report now to discover the regional impact of the pandemic. Harness invaluable software industry data to help your organisation make informed business decisions. Adequately prepare your software development teams during this period of uncertainty.