Predictive Assessment

World's first coding skills assessment tool which accurately predicts workplace performance. Avoid costly mis-hires by finding both top talent and the right fit.

Hire software developers with accurate predictions.

A talent acquisition tool to hire the most suitable developers.

Predictive Assessment helps you with...

  • Efficient, effective and real-world technical screening.

    Identify the candidates with the highest potential to outperform your organisation.

  • Saving time and increased candidate quality.

    Speed up your developer hiring with automation and robust technical assessment.

  • Test scores that accurately predict workplace performance.

    Rely on data-driven technology which adapts to your evolving talent needs.

  • Trusting the results you get.

    Advanced technology that utilises multi-tiered imposter and plagiarism checks.

  • Use Cases

    Remote & offshore hiring that you can trust. Screen at scale without compromise. Build on data to enable inclusive teams. Optimise vendor & contract selection for all contract lengths.

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Predictive Assessment helps you with...

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